WG2🔬🧠 New Publication is Out! 🔬🧠

WG2🔬🧠 New Publication is Out! 🔬🧠

We’re thrilled to share the latest publication from our Working Group 2 (WG2) at IMMUPARKNET COST Action 21117! Entitled “Experimental Models to Study Immune Dysfunction in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease,” this insightful work delves into innovative methodologies for assessing immune profiles in PD.

The manuscript, authored by Jasna Saponjic et al., presents comprehensive research on various models used to study PD, encompassing toxic-induced models, genetic models, and more. The collaborative effort of all named authors has resulted in a robust exploration of peripheral and central immunity in PD pathogenesis.

📝 Conceptualization and drafting were led by F. Marino and C. Comi, with contributions from all authors across different sections of the work. Particularly notable are the contributions of M. Dragic and M.Z. Jovanovic to toxic-induced models, N. Nikolovski and N.B. Muluk to immune profiles, and Y. Gürsoy-Özdemir to the glymphatic system and BBB alterations. Additionally, A. Canak, P. Ntavaroukas, and S. Papoutsopoulou provided valuable insights into tissue infiltration assessment models, while R. Mejías and Á. Fontán-Lozano delved into genetic, agrochemical, and cellular models of PD. K.E. Fladmark contributed with other models of PD, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

🌟 Importantly, this research received support from COST Action IMMUPARKNET (CA 21117), highlighting the significance of collaborative initiatives in advancing scientific knowledge.

🔍 Dive into the full article here: DOI link

📅 Submission received: 31 January 2024
📅 Revised: 25 March 2024
📅 Accepted: 26 March 2024
📅 Published: 14 April 2024

Let’s continue to unravel the complexities of Parkinson’s Disease together and pave the way for novel therapeutic strategies! 💡💪

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