Immunity Unveiled on Open Research Europe

Immunity Unveiled on Open Research Europe

IMMUPARKNET WG5 article entitled “IMMUnity Unveiled: A Translational NETwork for tackling PARKinson’s Disease – IMMUPARKNET” has just been published on Open Research Europe

The Open Letter article by Mitilda Gugu and Shubhra Acharya et al. and led by WG5 leader, Inês Figueira, and by the Action chair, Cristoforo Comi, focuses on the main objectives of IMMUPARKNET COST Action and highlights the major knowledge gaps in immunity in Parkinson disease.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects more than one million people in the EU. It currently has no definitive cure, meaning that patients rely only on symptomatic treatments, which themselves are burdened by side effects. The need for advancements in both knowledge and available treatments is thus strongly felt by patients, caregivers, and health operators. This unmet need sparked the idea of orchestrating a collaborative effort via a common network – IMMUPARKNET (The role of IMMUnity in tackling PARKinson’s disease through a Translational NETwork).

Although widely recognized, the role of immunity in the onset and development of PD is still unclear. The main goal of IMMUPARKNET is to fill this knowledge gap by establishing an innovative, interdisciplinary research network and fostering exchanges of expertise among specialists from different countries and institutions.

You can read the full article here.

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